Staff Picks

Staff PicksSo this is Josie, our shop floor coordinator! She also helps with our social media posts and email promotions. Her staff pick is her ocean jasper ring, which was a birthday treat! It's such a gorgeous and unusual piece of stone, with such amazing detail. Ocean jasper is a an excellent healing stone, that encourages the wearer to feel joy and elevated spirits! Great if you need a little lift, as it releases negative feelings, making you feel more optimistic. No wonder she loves it so much and has a big smile on her face!

We have a lovely selection of jasper pieces in our Lower Goat Lane store, pop in and take  look. Or give us an email if you'd like to know some more information!  

Have  good week everyone,

Love Nova HQ xx
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Handmade in store!

Handmade in store!Hi,

We hope you have all had a good week! 

We have been busy making jewellery here at Nova HQ. Beaded jewellery is a big summer trend and the girls have all been making some great pieces. Combining silver and semi precious stone beads and pearls, we now have a range of pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings available.

We will continue to add to the collection, so look out for more in store! They are all one of a kind so make great gifts. Also, we happily take requests so if you'd like us to make you something then feel free to ask! Give us a call or email or come along to the shop and have a chat. 

Take care everyone,

Love Nova HQ x

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Turquoise Well, if turquoise is good enough for Meghan Markle, then it's good enough for us! The Duchess has been spotted wearing it a lot recently and we already knew it was going to be a big trend this summer. Turquoise is known for it's healing qualities and she was wearing a dainty necklace with turquoise beads just after Archie was born. It's rumoured to be a good luck charm for health and protection and we're sure that's why she is choosing to wear it at the moment.

We have a great selection of items to choose from, so why not feel like a Duchess and treat yourself today!

See you soon

Love Nova HQ x 
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Summer Shells

Summer Shells Hi guys, 

How are you all? We are all looking forward to the nice weather this weekend! It should be perfect beach weather tomorrow and what perfect accessory would this Clam Shell bangle be to wear? Shells and sea creatures are great this time of year and for holidays. Our Kitten Collection has some lovely designs available at great prices. Why not treat yourself or a loved one today? 

Don't forget, you can shop instore or online! 

Enjoy the sunshine everyone, stay safe!

Love Nova HQ x

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Seahorses Hi everyone!

Hope you've all had a good week? We've been busy as always, keeping the shop clean and tidy, helping our customers and learning new things. 

This week we have had some customers enquiring about the meanings or representations of certain styles or items of jewellery whilst they have been looking for the perfect gift. One customer in particular wanted to know more about seahorses so we had a look for her! So the main representation is that of friendliness and contentment, due to the fact that seahorses mate for life. It is also believed to be a charm of good luck and fortune, strength and power! Who knew?!

Look out for more facts like these over the next few weeks!

Love Nova HQ x

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We hope you haven't been getting too wet in this miserable weather we have been having, hopefully summer is on it's way! 
We have had a lot of requests for charms recently and awe have a huge selection to choose from. It's almost impossible to determine when charm bracelets appeared in their modern form but it is long been believed that by wearing them to deter evil spirits. Each charm can have it's own individual meaning to, which Josie at Nova has been learning more about. For example, a car can help to drive your life forward. A dolphin can be worn for protection and harmony and a lock for security. The list is endless! For more information and to take a look at the charms we have, pop in store today!

Have a good week,
Nova HQ xx

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