New Year, New Beginnings!

New Year, New Beginnings!

As we welcome in this New Year, many of us are in need of some wonderful new beginnings to reinvigorate our lives. One of the countless things we can do to bring this positive new energy into our lives is to wear some beautiful crystal pieces which will symbolise and attract the transformation we’re creating. Here at Nova Silver we have researched some amazing suggestions for crystal companions this New Year.

Moonstone, with its luminescent hues, holds a deeply feminine, intuitive energy which provides a gentle guidance when creating great changes in our lives. Many ancient cultures, including Greeks and Hindus, believed that this stone held trapped moonbeams which would, in times of need, guide them along their path. In fact, this legend earned Moonstone the nickname "The Traveller’s Stone”. Moreover, this eye-catching crystal has been celebrated as a great attractor of success, illuminating ones positive qualities and providing sparks of inspiration. Overall, Moonstone is truly a wonderful crystal for anyone looking to find their path.

Labradorite, an equally eye-catching stone with its deep blue-green flashes, is commonly referred to as the "Transformation Stone”. The energy of perseverance and powerful grounding qualities of this stone aid its wearer in maintaining a clear and peaceful mind as they traverse the trials of change in their life. Furthermore, Labradorite is associated with the energy of the Crown Chakra, a symbol of higher thinking and spiritual expansion. Thus, the Labradorite stone is said to encourage a person in the pursuit of their highest aspirations and help to break through any sense of limitation. This is undoubtedly the ideal energy to be carrying as you seek out new beginnings this New Year.

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Ancient Stones

Ancient Stones

How did Ancient civilisations use the stones and crystals we still wear and admire today? 

Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis Lazuli is a truly enigmatic stone, which has long been revered for its religious and societal significance. Myths surrounding this stone date back as far as 4000BCE; Inanna, the Sumerian goddess is said to have made her descent and return from the underworld bearing an insignia crafted from Lapis Lazuli. Moreover, throughout Ancient Egypt, Pharaohs have been found adorned with amulets crafted from this rich, blue stone which they believed would aid the deceased in their transition into the afterlife. In modern times, this stone is still used in high regards for its sense of wisdom and empowerment.



The black Onyx stone possesses a long and complex history; throughout Ancient times, Onyx has been both admired and outright avoided. During the 19th Century, the stone was considered to herald bad luck and nightmares across China. Furthermore, when Queen Victoria I’s husband met his untimely death in 1861, the Queen wore Onyx as a symbol of her grief and loss. In contrast, the Ancient Greek’s utilised the deep black hues of Onyx in carvings of their most beloved Gods and heroes. In fact, legend has it that when Aphrodite’s nails where clipped and dropped into the Indus River the Onyx stone first appeared. In modern times, attitudes towards Onyx have certainly shifted; most consider it to be a powerful protective stone which provides its wearer strength in times of grief.

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Crystal Manifesting Guide

Crystal Manifesting Guide

Manifesting with Crystals:

Here at Nova Silver, we love being able to use our jewellery as more than the finishing piece to an outfit. Many believe that crystals can be used as a powerful, energy fuelled tool in achieving your dreams and desires. When it comes to manifesting and wearing the crystal that best benefits them, many don’t know where to start – so we’ve written you a short beginner’s guide on what to do!Whether your focus is on generating abundance, getting lucky in love or brining in general good luck and success, there are more than a few crystals which would be perfect for you. Here are some that we recommend:

Crystals for love: Rose Quartz, Rhodonite or Amethyst

Crystals for abundance: Citrine, Tiger's Eye or Moss Agate 

Crystals for luck & success: Tiger’s Eye, Malachite or Labradorite

How to use your crystal:

There are several methods to manifesting when using a crystal, and once again it is always wise to let intuition guide you. Some may utilise meditation and visualisation techniques, others may choose to utilise their space by placing crystals in specific areas of their home or bedroom. For example, Citrine can be placed in the ‘Wealth Corner’ (the farthest left corner from your front door) to call in material abundance. However, the most straightforward method is to simply wear your piece of crystal jewellery, with intention in mind, and go about your day. The energy generated by the crystal itself will draw fourth that which you desire.

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Support Independent Shops

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Mother's Day

Mother's DaySending lots of love to you all this Mother's Day, in these strange times it's important to spend quality time together as a family and we hope you are all doing the best you can to do that today.

Love Nova HQ xx

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Keeping safe

Keeping safe None can escape the news and how Covid-19 is affecting everyone at the moment. While it's business as usual at the moment at Nova HQ, we are taking extra precautions. Staff are being extra vigilant with their cleaning and hygiene routines. While we remain open, we kindly ask that if you do feel unwell, please follow the guidelines to keep us all stay safe. We are currently still taking online orders so if you do feel like you can't pop to see us, then don't forget its free UK shipping! 

We hope you all stay well during this difficult time

love Nova HQ x
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