Welcome to Summer!

Welcome to Summer!

Itís finally summer! We are getting warmer weather, more flowers blooming, and longer evenings too! Here at Nova Silver, we are thrilled to finally be in summer and are soaking up all the lovely sunshine while we can! To celebrate being in the new season, we have created some of our favourite summer time jewellery in our collection that is perfect to wear out on a walk, to the beach, or even a sunny summer holiday abroad!



We have an amazing collection of shell inspired jewellery, including jewellery that even has real shells in it! (Donít worry weíll talk about that in the next section!) One of our popular favourites every year is our super cute ammonite stud earrings and matching pendant set! This is a great set for everyday wear and perfect to get in the mood for summer!

If ammonite isnít your vibe, we also have a beautiful Wentletrap shell pendant and earring set! This set has a mixture of both sterling silver and matt silver which gives these pieces a sparkly look to them! A perfect set to wear out in the evening.



We have a gorgeous range of Abalone jewellery in our collection as well, which is indeed a real shell! Also known as the Paula shell in Australia, The Abalone shell is also believed to enhance feelings of peace, compassion, and love while promoting emotional balance.


One of our personal favourites here at Nova silver is this lovely oval abalone pendant which has both matching studs and earrings to go with it. The pendant has three diagonal slices of abalone with pieces of sterling silver separating the parts of shell. With a range of different hues when it hits the light from blue, to green, and to purple, itís the perfect piece of jewellery to wear in the summer to stay positive!


Pearl: The June Birthstone

This month we have the beautiful pearl which is the June birthstone. Pearls are believed to bring luck, wealth, prosperity, and abundance. They are also known to attract success, fortune and fame.  Pearls symbolise purity, balance, and inner wisdom, often associated with divine feminine energy and nature's wisdom. Pearls are available in many colours such as white, brown, pink, black, gold, and blue, depending on the kind of mollusc and water in which the Pearl is found.

There are many fun and trendy ways you can wear pearl jewellery with some lovely summer outfits. One of our personal favourites to wear jewellery is to wear some pearl drop earrings with a strapless top or dress, a type of outfit like this is perfect to wear with our Navajo Pearl Earrings, inspired by the well-known South Western Tribe in the USA, they have a lovely fresh water pearl in the centre with a long dangly feather at the bottom of the earring. They also come with a matching sterling silver necklace too!

Another trend we love here at Nova Silver is Pearl jewellery matched with a black dress. One of our favourite sets to wear with an evening outfit is our Kitten Orchid Pearl necklace and earring set.  This beautiful set is crafted in Sterling Silver with a satinised silver and Freshwater Pearl and would look lovely paired with either a satin or velvet black dress.





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Welcome to May!

Welcome to May!

With it getting closer to summer and the days getting longer, it means that we are getting some lovely warm weather! Here at Nova Silver, we are all getting excited for the warm summer days so we have created a list of some of our top picks to get you into the mood for summer!


Green Amber: The May Birthstone

Mayís birthstone is the beautiful Green Amber. Not only is green amber a lovely stone to wear in the sunnier days due to sometimes having a glittery look, itís a stone that varies in colour and hue. Some cuts of green amber have an orange base and some have a dark green base. The Green Amber stone is a variety of olivine which is a group of minerals. The name olivine comes from Latin and was chosen at the end of the 18th century, as the stone has an olive to bottle green colour.


Whether you are looking for yourself or a birthday gift, we have this beautiful Green Amber leaf pendant which is very sweet and petite and is perfect for a piece to wear every day. Or if youíre a fan of more statement jewellery, we have a lovely range of bespoke green amber pendants including some gorgeous oval shaped dark green amber pendants with a lovely silver setting.


Best flowers to pick in May

There is a beautiful selection of flowers that grow in May. However, some of our favourites that grow are roses, heather and the lovely Poppy. We have a beautiful range of pendants and earrings from our Shrieking Violet range that have real versions of these flowers set in resin! One of our personal favourites is this pretty Heather pendant. The green stalk in the middle of the pendant with the flower surrounding it makes it a striking piece! Heather flowers are believed to offer good luck or fortune and to represent independence. 

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Our Top Picks for April!

Our Top Picksfor April!

We are in the middleof spring now! Which means that we are seeing a lot more flowers, plants andnature about! And luckily even some sunshine! Here at Nova Silver, we have puttogether a list of some of our favourite nature inspired pieces that we have inour collection at the moment, including flowers, plants and even a few animals!So, if you want to get into the mood for spring, keep reading!


We have a lot of cuteanimal themed jewellery that is very popular! One of our personal favourites isour super cute hedgehog pendant with matching earrings! This set can make theperfect gift for any animal lover! It shows a frontal view of a hedgehog with asatin finish. Another piece that we think is perfect for the spring season arethese laurel bird earrings. They take on a contemporary twist compared to thetraditional laurel design with leaves surrounding the birds in the centre, anelegant look but also a really sweet and cute pair of earrings!


There are manydifferent types of flowers that start to blossom in spring! We have manydifferent flowers inspired jewellery from silver to amber! One of the mainflowers that tends to blossom is the bluebell, which we have a lovely necklacewith matching earrings in our collection! Bluebells are a symbol for humilityand gratitude, this beautiful set can make a perfect thank you gift for aspecial someone.

Leaves andTrees

Spring also meansthat the leaves on the trees are starting to regrow and turn green again! Wehave some lovely tree themed necklaces including this Oak tree Pendant andAmber Tree Pendant. Both have different designs but are both very striking andstunning. The Oak tree pendant has a brushed silver texture over the top andthe amber pendant has a combination of oxidised silver and a mixture of cognac,lemon and green amber.

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It's Almost Mother's Day!

Itís Almost Motherís Day!

Weíve finally arrived into March which means that itís finally spring! Here at Nova Silver, we are super excited for those brighter and warmer days and why not celebrate with a list of our favourite spring themed jewellery? With Motherís Day also coming up soon on the 10th of March, this list is also perfect for anyone that is struggling to get that perfect gift!


Flowers, flowers, flowers!

With it finally getting warmer, the more flowers are being seen around like beautiful daffodils and tulips! If you or your mum is somebody who is very fond of flowers, look no further!

We have an amazing collection of flower themed jewellery, including pieces with real flowers in! If youíre looking for something small and subtle, this gorgeous matt silver flower pendant with matching earrings is lovely and is perfect to be worn both casually or in the evening!

Or if youíre looking for more of a statement piece, we also have this lovely sterling silver bluebell pendant with matching earrings! The bluebell flower is known to represent humility and gratitude which is perfect for a Motherís Day gift to show how much you mean to her!


Shrieking Violet

Sticking with the theme of flowers, our shrieking Violet range is always very popular around Motherís Day! Made from real flowers, the bright and beautiful colours that are captured in the resin of this jewellery is amazing! We have many different types of flowers in this range including Forget me Notís, Poppies, Roses, Daisies and Sunflowers just to name a few. One of our personal favourites that we wanted to add on this list is this gorgeous Bohemia Pendant which has a mixture of both poppy and roses and also comes with matching earrings. The different bold colours and the placement of these flowers inside the resin make it an ideal Motherís Day gift!

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Love Is In the Air!

Love is in theair!

Are you ready for ValentineísDay? Here at Nova Silver, we are getting ready for the day of love by pickingout some of our favourite heart themed pieces, perfect to give to that specialsomeone! So strap yourselves in and get ready to see some of our beautifulpieces that we think would make the perfect gift to show how much you lovethem!


Hearts, hearts,hearts!

You canít go wrongwith something heart themed for Valentineís Day! Luckily, we have lots ofdifferent heart themed jewellery in our collection, ranging from plain sterlingsilver, to amber, and even to semi-precious stones!

If you want to gounderstated and cute, we have some lovely amber pendants that are perfect suchas our small love heart shaped green amber pendant which is absolutelystunning. Or, if you want something that has a bit more meaning behind it, wealso have a thoughtful "key to your heartĒ amber pendant along with matchingearrings and also this lovely pure amber heart pendant with an eternity knotwhich both send such a lovely message.


Silver Hearts

If youíre looking forsomething plainer, we also have some sterling silver heart themed jewellery aswell! We have this lovely silver heart tag pendant which is perfect if you wantto go straight to the point with your gift! Or if you want something a bit outthere, we also have our geo range! Why not try this super cute geo heart shapedsterling silver bracelet which can also come in earrings and a necklace!


Amethyst: TheFebruary Birthstone

We also havesome lovely amethyst pieces in our store and online which can either make theperfect valentines present or an ideal birthday gift. Amethyst is thebirthstone for February and is the violet variety of quartz. We have this lovely matching marquisateeye shaped pendant and earrings which look absolutely beautiful and can be wornboth either casually or in the evening for a nice dinner out!

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Welcome to 2024!

Welcome to 2024!

Weíve finally in the new year! Which means itís time to reorganise our jewellery collections and enter the new year with a bang! We have some beautiful pieces in our collection which will help you start the new year with some glam and a brand-new gorgeous sense of style! Weíre here to help you achieve the "New year, new youĒ look! So, strap yourselves in for our top picks of our stunning new pieces that are perfect to start the new year!


Modern Pearls

Pearls are an all time classic and will always be chic! But in 2024, pearls are the perfect piece of jewellery to enter the new year with! Pearls rank among the most popular gems in the world which is why they have never gone out of style! A pearl necklace or some pearl earrings can transform an outfit and can add an instant polish to any look such as our beautiful matching sterling silver orchid pearl necklace and earrings which are absolutely stunning. Entering the new year is a great excuse to play around with new jewellery and have fun with pearls!


Cuff Bangles

Here at Nova Silver, we love cuff bangles! Cuff bangles are a great way to make a subtle statement with just one piece of jewellery. Cuff bangles prove themselves to be one of the easiest ways to lift and elevate any look, both evening wear and casual! Letís not forget that most cuff bangles are also adjustable which allows you to wear them in multiple ways! You can also get cuff bangles in both a simple design or more of a bold statement piece like our sterling silver Mae bangle and delicate cuff bangle which are on our website.


Big Hoops

Hoops are forever a staple piece of jewellery within most peopleís jewellery collection. No collection is complete without at least one pair! Why not start the year with a new pair of hoops? And for 2024, The bigger the better! Here at Nova Silver, we have a range of different types of hoops, from small stud hoops to large hoops! One of our personal favourites are these super cute 36mm hoops with a silver ball attached to them, they are perfect to wear both casually or to dress up an evening outfit! However, if you prefer just plain hoops, we also have those too! From 30mm or 40mm sterling silver hoops they are great for everyday wear!


Whatever you choose to wear in the new year, make sure you do it with style!

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