Love Is In the Air!

Love is in theair!

Are you ready for Valentine’sDay? Here at Nova Silver, we are getting ready for the day of love by pickingout some of our favourite heart themed pieces, perfect to give to that specialsomeone! So strap yourselves in and get ready to see some of our beautifulpieces that we think would make the perfect gift to show how much you lovethem!


Hearts, hearts,hearts!

You can’t go wrongwith something heart themed for Valentine’s Day! Luckily, we have lots ofdifferent heart themed jewellery in our collection, ranging from plain sterlingsilver, to amber, and even to semi-precious stones!

If you want to gounderstated and cute, we have some lovely amber pendants that are perfect suchas our small love heart shaped green amber pendant which is absolutelystunning. Or, if you want something that has a bit more meaning behind it, wealso have a thoughtful "key to your heart” amber pendant along with matchingearrings and also this lovely pure amber heart pendant with an eternity knotwhich both send such a lovely message.


Silver Hearts

If you’re looking forsomething plainer, we also have some sterling silver heart themed jewellery aswell! We have this lovely silver heart tag pendant which is perfect if you wantto go straight to the point with your gift! Or if you want something a bit outthere, we also have our geo range! Why not try this super cute geo heart shapedsterling silver bracelet which can also come in earrings and a necklace!


Amethyst: TheFebruary Birthstone

We also havesome lovely amethyst pieces in our store and online which can either make theperfect valentines present or an ideal birthday gift. Amethyst is thebirthstone for February and is the violet variety of quartz. We have this lovely matching marquisateeye shaped pendant and earrings which look absolutely beautiful and can be wornboth either casually or in the evening for a nice dinner out!

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Welcome to 2024!

Welcome to 2024!

We’ve finally in the new year! Which means it’s time to reorganise our jewellery collections and enter the new year with a bang! We have some beautiful pieces in our collection which will help you start the new year with some glam and a brand-new gorgeous sense of style! We’re here to help you achieve the "New year, new you” look! So, strap yourselves in for our top picks of our stunning new pieces that are perfect to start the new year!


Modern Pearls

Pearls are an all time classic and will always be chic! But in 2024, pearls are the perfect piece of jewellery to enter the new year with! Pearls rank among the most popular gems in the world which is why they have never gone out of style! A pearl necklace or some pearl earrings can transform an outfit and can add an instant polish to any look such as our beautiful matching sterling silver orchid pearl necklace and earrings which are absolutely stunning. Entering the new year is a great excuse to play around with new jewellery and have fun with pearls!


Cuff Bangles

Here at Nova Silver, we love cuff bangles! Cuff bangles are a great way to make a subtle statement with just one piece of jewellery. Cuff bangles prove themselves to be one of the easiest ways to lift and elevate any look, both evening wear and casual! Let’s not forget that most cuff bangles are also adjustable which allows you to wear them in multiple ways! You can also get cuff bangles in both a simple design or more of a bold statement piece like our sterling silver Mae bangle and delicate cuff bangle which are on our website.


Big Hoops

Hoops are forever a staple piece of jewellery within most people’s jewellery collection. No collection is complete without at least one pair! Why not start the year with a new pair of hoops? And for 2024, The bigger the better! Here at Nova Silver, we have a range of different types of hoops, from small stud hoops to large hoops! One of our personal favourites are these super cute 36mm hoops with a silver ball attached to them, they are perfect to wear both casually or to dress up an evening outfit! However, if you prefer just plain hoops, we also have those too! From 30mm or 40mm sterling silver hoops they are great for everyday wear!


Whatever you choose to wear in the new year, make sure you do it with style!

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Get Ready For Christmas!

Get ready For Christmas!

Christmas is only just around the corner which means it’s time to get Christmas presents sorted! Here at Nova Silver, we have some beautiful jewellery sets that can make the perfect gift for that special someone. Whether it is a plain silver necklace or bold statement jewellery, we have something for everyone! Tis the season to get festive with personalised and sentimental Christmas gifts!

Turquoise: The December Birthstone

Turquoise jewellery not only makes a great gift for December birthdays, it can also make a great Christmas gift!Turquoise is the birthstone for December and is known to be one of the world’s oldest gemstones. Turquoise is a semi-translucent to opaque gem that ranges from blue to green. It is believed to be a symbol of good fortune and success, and to relax the mind and to protect the person from harm. Turquoise rings, in particular, are thought to keep away evil spirits.We have a gorgeous range of turquoise jewellery, including this lovely matching turquoise oval pendant and earring set. However, if you fancy something more of a statement piece, this lovely teardrop shaped pendant is beautiful and can make the perfect gift for a jewellery lover!

Christmas Themed Jewellery

If you really want to get into the Christmas spirit, why not try some of our Christmas themed jewellery! They can be perfect for both a main present or for stocking fillers! We have some super cute sterling silver Christmas tree earrings, they come in both big and small sizes and are perfect to get into the spirit for Christmas! Or if you’re looking for something a bit simpler, we also have some Christmas/winter inspired necklaces such as our matt silver star pendant with matching silver star studs or our super adorable little penguin pendant, a great gift idea for any animal lover!

Whatever you decide to get your loved ones this Christmas, make sure you pick something with lots of love and thought into it! We have a wide range of jewellery here at Nova Silver and are here to help you pick the perfect present this Christmas! Make sure to plan in advance for Christmas, especially if you are planning to send your gifts in the post. Please check the royal mail website for the Christmas posting dates to make sure you get your gifts sent on time!

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Christmas Is Almost Here!

Christmas IsAlmost Here!

With Christmas slowly coming up, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts to get to your friends and loved ones. Here at Nova Silver, we have selected some of our favourite jewellery sets which can make perfect gifts for the holidays! Whatever you decide to get, we are here to give you the best ideas to make that Christmas extra special!


Silver Jewellery Sets

We have some lovely matching sterling silver necklace and earring sets that are perfect for the Christmas season. We have a range of super cute themed jewellery including animals and flowers and also some plainer looking designs in sterling silver which you can wear for any occasion. We have this adorable matching sterling silver Hedgehog necklace and studs which are perfect for the winter! The necklace and studs have a cute front view of a hedgehog with a satin finish and they are a perfect gift for any animal lover.


Or if you’re looking for something a bit simpler, we have these lovely sterling silver two circles matching pendant and earrings. They both feature a continuous piece of silver which is manipulated and curved into two circles. This set is the perfect piece for anyone who is into statement jewellery and adds a touch of elegance to a desired outfit.


Shrieking Violet Sets

Our Shrieking Violet sets are absolutely stunning and are very popular to give as a meaningful gift as they are made with different types of flowers. Our Shrieking Violet collection are all made with real flowers which are set in resin. We have a beautiful selection of flowers such as Forget Me Nots, Heather, Roses, Poppies, Daisies, Sunflowers and more! Our Shrieking Violet pieces come in small and big pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and even brooches. One of our favourite pieces is this lovely Bohemia matching pendant and earrings which features both poppies and roses together. This matching set is absolutely gorgeous and can be worn both casually or for a night out, a perfect gift to show your love to your close ones.

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Hello Autumn!

Here at Nova Silver, we’re really getting into the spirit of autumn! With the weather getting colder and the trees changing to warm colours, it’s time to embrace the autumn season with some new jewellery from our collection! Whether it’s a new ring, earrings or necklace you’re after or even a gift for someone special, we’ve got you!

Autumn Leaves

One of the best parts of autumn is the different bright colours of leaves that fall off the trees. Here at Nova Silver, we have a wide selection of leaf pendants that are perfect to match with an outfit to get into the autumn feeling! We even have different types of leaves such as oak, bramble and even maple! Our beautiful bramble pendant which comes with matching stud earrings is super cute and even has the same rough, crispy like texture of the leaf on the actual pendant! Or if you’d prefer something that’s a bit unusual, why not try our silver geometric leaf earrings? With the earrings having a diamond shape design and three layers of silver, these earrings have a unique and modern design and perfect to wear casually or a night out.


Continuing on the theme of leaves, we also have a lovely selection of amber pendants that are inspired by autumn leaves. All of our amber pendants are unique from the design to the gorgeous and vibrant colours! We definitely have something for everyone! Our mixed amber pendants which have cognac, green and cherry amber are absolutely stunning including this three-leaf amber pendant which is a great piece to wear to get that autumn feeling. Another popular favourite in our amber collection is this beautiful mixed amber leaf branch ring. This unique and eye-catching design of this ring really extenuates the colours of autumn and comes in both sterling silver- and gold-plated silver.



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Autumn Jewellery Trends!

Were now entering into the beautiful and colourful season of autumn! Here at Nova Silver, we love the autumn season and everything it brings so to get you into the spirit of autumn, here are some of our favourite jewellery trends that we love at the moment that we think are going to be a great hit this autumn!


Fall 2023 is all about being bold and a big trend that we have noticed is making a comeback this autumn is stacked rings. Whether its chunky rings stacked with band rings or multiple band rings stacked together, it has become very popular recently! Our silver rings come in a range of different designs which are perfect to mix and match for a simple look or a more statement stacked ring look, including both our silver wishbone ring and silver mountain ring which can both look great stacked together or either on their own!


Speaking of statement jewellery, another trend we have noticed that’s becoming popular is wearing chunky necklaces and pendants. Whether it is a chunky stone pendant by itself or layering it with chains, both of these styles make a perfect accessory to pair with any autumn outfit! We have a wider range of chunky pendants including some beautiful amethyst pendants that have that beautiful bold rich colour.


We have a new birthstone this month! The September birthstone is the stunning blue topaz. Blue topaz is considered one of the most beautiful gemstones on the market today due to its beautiful pale blue colour. There are many different meanings to the blue topaz stone, however what blue topaz mainly stands for is calm and peace, concentration and better communication. With the blue topaz stone having a lot of meaning and with it also being such a beautiful stone, blue topaz jewellery can make a perfect gift for any September birthday! Including our lovely matching blue topaz triangle pendant and round dangly earrings.


Whatever you choose to decide to wear this autumn, make sure you do it right and do it with style!  

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