Kitten Manta Ray Bangle

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Kitten Manta Ray Bangle

Manta Rays are one of the most easily identified fish off tropical shores, owing to their large, triangular pectoral ‘wings’ that can span up to nearly 7m. Several fish, including wrasse and remora, share symbiotic relationships with manta rays, ridding the ray of parasites, dead skin and fallen food, and sometimes hitching a ride in the process. Fins at the front of the manta rays head are said to resemble devils’ horns, resulting in the alternative names devil-fish or devil ray.

The width of the bangle is 69mm by 54mm, the width of the decorative band is 37mm reducing to 2mm. The depth of the band is 2mm. All measurements are approximate and measured at widest/longest point.

Our Manta Ray Bangle is crafted in Sterling Silver.

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